..on Thursday.  And what happens there will definitely be staying there. Except for where I eat of course, which I can share with my So Good peeps.  So my question, So Good readers, is where should I eat? Any recommendations for restaurants/places I need to hit up?

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  1. Cassie

    There’s a Thai place that is super good, ask the locals I can’t remember the name. It’s supposed to be the best around. Also, In-n-out to cure whatever you drank the night before.

  2. Jeanne

    Sonic. Specifically, the Sonic on Craig Rd & Losee. The skating carhops are really friendly, the food is fast and hot and you can choose from 168,894 different drink combinations!…it’s definitely worth stopping in.

  3. Jon

    Lotus of Siam is definitely worth going to. Only problem is that if you are staying on the strip its a $20-25 cab ride each way. Still worth it for the food though.

  4. JT

    I agree with Jeanne. I had Sonic in for the first time in Vegas. You will not regret it.

  5. Nicole

    The thing I’m excited to try this weekend in Vegas is Retro Bakery. I LOVE cupcakes, especially strange and unlikely combinations. The maple bacon cupcake is on my must-eat list this weekend.

  6. Adrienne

    You have to go downtown to the Fremont Street Experience and hit up the Mermaid casino. The guys in the far back will deep fry you some oreos and twinkies that are TO DIE FOR! and they are hilarious characters in and of themselves.

  7. Erika

    Headed to Vegas myself today. But I live fairly close. My favorite is the Paris Buffet. However we’ll be trying out the new Aria (i think) at City Center buffet. We’ve heard excellent things about its desserts!

    Unfortuantely my other favorites have closed or changed their menus so that’s all I know to reccomend.

    Have tons of fun!


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