Once again raising the bar for high-quality holiday themed programming, Spike TV will be airing a special on Thanksgiving called “MLE Chowdown: The Turkey Bowl.” The show will feature the world’s top competitive eaters attempting to eat as much of a whole, 20-pound Turkey in 8 minutes as they can.

“Sometimes I think our soup kitchen might be trying to exploit us for entertainment.”

This event is the third Major League Eating (MLE) competition to be televised by Spike TV and they are billing it as #1 eater Joey Chestnut vs. the former champion Takeru Kobayashi. However, the record holder for turkey eating is rising star Patrick Bertoletti (whose pursuit of the #1 ranking we profiled HERE) with 4.8 pounds in 12 minutes.

The competition will air at 11 AM and 7 PM on Thanksgiving day, and the “undercard” will feature a cranberry sauce eating competition.

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